A contract to sell your home

The first formal step in selling your property is to enter into a Listing Agreement which is a contract that gives us permission to act on your behalf for a specified period of time.

Information included in the agreement

  • The fixed duration of the listing period
  • A detailed description of the property location
  • Desired selling price
  • Things that are included in the sale
  • Commission rates

Documents we may need

  • Plan of Survey or Location Certificate: A Survey of your property which outlines the lot size and location of buildings, as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties. This may be required in certain areas to complete the sale of your home. Your legal professional may recommend a survey, especially if significant changes have been made to your property.
  • Property Tax Receipts: Most Listing Agreements require that the current annual property tax assessments be shown.
  • Mortgage Verification: Few homeowners know the exact balance of their mortgage as it is paid down. You will be asked to authorize your mortgage lender to provide the figures required.
  • Deed or Title Search: This document is a legal description of your property and the proof that you own it.
  • Other Documentation: In some instances, it may help the sale of your property if you can provide prospective buyers with information on such items as annual heating, electrical, and water expenses, as well as any recent home improvement costs.


  • The listing agreement is a contract between you, your REALTOR®, and the brokerage

  • It will specify price, chattels, and other special considerations the buyer needs to make a decision

  • The listing agreement also has information about your home, such as floor area, that will appear on Realtor.ca

  • Contact a REALTOR® to learn more about your rights and obligations in a listing contract