The Columbia Valley is the name used for a region in the Rocky Mountain Trench near the headwaters of the Columbia River between the town of Golden and the Canal Flats. The main hub of the valley is the town of Invermere. Other towns include Radium Hot Springs, Windermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. The Panorama Ski Resort is located near the valley. The predominant features of the Columbia Valley are the lakes which are considered a prime destination for summer holidays. These are a few of the Columbia Valley communities with homes for sale. Contact a sales representative for more information.

Invermere is a community in eastern British Columbia, Canada, near the border of Alberta. It is the hub of the Columbia Valley between Golden to the north and Cranbrook to the south. Invermere sits on the northwest shore of Windermere Lake and is a popular summer destination for visitors and second home owners from Calgary. Invermere’s climate is characterized by warm summers and cool winters. The Rocky Mountains to the east shield Invermere from the Arctic air in winter and spring arrives earlier than on the prairies to the east of the Rocky Mountains.

Columbia Valley communities