Laundry rooms are low priority rooms in most houses. Tucked away in a corner or hidden behind closet doors, these small but important rooms can be transformed with a few smart additions. One of the most common improvements in the Invermere area is additional storage. For laundry rooms with little extra space, hanging kitchen cupboards over the appliances is a good way to add storage without taking up floor space. If your laundry room is larger, you might want to consider wall-to-wall cabinetry with counters for extra work space.

When choosing cabinets, you might want to match the kitchen cupboards or choose something more thematic, such as a country laundry or a super-sleek look. IKEA will deliver a new set of cabinets to your Invermere home or condo for a low flat rate. The floor should be hard-wearing and not prone to damage from falling irons or moving the appliances out for cleaning. A wood strip floor is not recommended because it can be easily damaged by water.

Most laundry rooms are painted or wallpapered with a calm, yet energetic, colour. White is a perennial favourite for its clean and graceful appearance. Colours such as light blue, a fresh green, or even tiled walls, all have their own personality. Paint trim and wainscoting with a high-quality brand in a gloss finish.

Don’t forget lighting when updating your laundry room. A single bulb ceiling light will challenge even the keenest homemaker on dark winter days. Too much light is better than not enough. Consider a four-bulb, four-foot fluorescent fixture. They are inexpensive and provide a powerful source of light for ironing. A couple of small lamps on a counter top is an inviting space in which to sew or make small repairs to clothing.

Looking for more ideas? Contact a sales representative before listing your home for sale.