Quick projects are sometimes the most rewarding, especially if they are inexpensive. A kitchen update doesn’t need to be a big project. Small additions to work flow or space management make the kitchen more efficient. You might want to try one of these easy upgrades in your Invermere home or condo kitchen.

A kitchen backsplash can be fancy or really simple. For a durable surface, consider tile in ceramic or glass. Both will add a sense of sophistication to your kitchen. An elegant option is a single sheet of glass, either low height or cut to fit the entire wall. Tip: Paint the back of the glass the same colour as the wall (or another feature colour) to avoid seeing anything that might accumulate behind it. Steel or copper sheeting cut to fit makes a wonderful addition to a contemporary kitchen. A country kitchen looks nice with a bead-board backsplash. Paint wood with high gloss enamel to avoid problems with moisture. If you want to experiment with colour, why not try painting the backsplash a bright colour like tangerine or forest green to see if you like it?

A magnetic knife strip keeps expensive knives separate from other utensils and on display within easy reach of the chef. A knife strip will make sure your knives stay in sharp condition because it keeps the cutting edge safe from things that might dull it. You might be able to make one if you’re handy, otherwise, choose a quality magnetic strip that compliments the style of your kitchen. Hang with sturdy drywall anchors or screw it directly into the studs for maximum strength.

Install a wall-mounted paper towel holder and free up some space on your counter for other things. Some towel holders are very stylish and take just a few minutes to mount. Choose from painted, chrome, anodized, wood, metal, contemporary, and traditional. The choices are almost endless.

Chalkboard paint on a pantry door is an excellent way to keep your grocery list where you can see it. Everyone can add their favourite snack or must-have dinner to the list. Big and bold, a chalkboard door lets you see all your shopping reminders at a glance. Ask for it at the local building supply in Invermere.

The space under the kitchen sink is the most frequented of all but sometimes the least organized. It only takes a few things to be out of place for it to look disorganized. By placing like-with-like and grouping cleaners for tasks, it’s easy to see your inventory. Your under-sink project can be fancy or as simple as a few hooks and hangers.

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