One of the benefits of living in a ski resort area such as Invermere is having friends and family visit for the holidays. Preparing for guests is an essential part of hosting overnight visitors at any time of year. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed and at-home your guests will feel.

Extra food and drinks are always welcome when there is a gathering of friends and family. Try to stock different types and brands so there is something for everyone. Remember to include some sugar-free and low-fat alternatives. Encourage guests to help themselves.

Plan some activities so there is always something to do for guests of all ages. A shopping trip to Invermere for stocking stuffers, streaming movie night, and board games are a few options. Kids might enjoy building gingerbread houses or decorating a small tree with inexpensive or homemade items. Be sure to write down the wifi password and give it to guests so they won’t have to rely on Golden or Invermere LTE connections to check mail or surf.

Bedrooms can be made more comfortable with freshly laundered sheets. Spritz them with homemade linen spray for an extra special touch. Blankets and pillows should be laundered and smell nice, too. Some bottled water and snack bars are a special touch for guests who might want a midnight snack. Other items include checking light bulbs and batteries in the TV remote control. Compare the room to a hotel room and see what you think might be nice to have. Some current magazines in the guest room are a welcome treat for those who might want to retire early.

Guest bathrooms don’t need to be luxurious but it’s good hospitality to provide new towels. The lowest priced towels from a big box store are fine. A few toiletries such as soap, hair care, lotion, and toothpaste are thoughtful additions. Travel-size versions are available almost everywhere. Don’t forget to stock extra toilet paper and leave it where it can be found easily.

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