Every holiday season, the snow globe makes its appearance on windowsills and study desks. Inside are magical dioramas with miniature villages or people in landscapes. It’s fun to give them a shake and image being inside the winter wonder land.

Snow globes are easy to make and allow you to customize the scene to suit the occasion. To make one, you’ll need a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid, glycerin, epoxy or water-proof glue, and some objects for the scene. You may want to add some ribbon or other decoration to the outside.

The jar can be large or small, depending on how you want the snow globe to look. A larger or taller jar will keep the ‘snow’ suspended longer for a more pleasing effect. Small jars will work but need to be shaken more often. If this is a gift for a small child, a plastic jar might be more suitable as glass ones can be heavier and break if dropped.

You may want to paint the lid a festive colour, such as bright red or forest green. A piece of fabric with a small plaid pattern can be glued on and tied with a ribbon, if you prefer. Don’t paint the inside of the lid as it needs to be clean for the glue to hold diorama for a long time.

The snow globe will be displayed upside down so the scene should be constructed on the lid. It can be made from craft items such as small forest animals or miniature trees designed for model train sets. Your local craft store will have exactly what you imagine should be there. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly, at least 48 hours, so it will be waterproof.

Fill the jar with water, some miniature snow pellets from the craft store, and a little bit of silver glitter. The combination of the snow and glitter will make this snow globe especially magical. Before closing the jar, add a dollop of glycerin to keep the snow suspended longer. Carefully position the lid and screw it on tightly. You may want to epoxy the lid closed to keep curious people from disassembling the toy.

By gluing a sleigh bell or two to the outside of the jar, it will become a fun and musical invitation to shake the jar often. Adults and kids alike will have a hard time passing by without mixing up the snow. Expect to hear the wonderful sound of jingle bells at any time of day or night.

Smaller snow globes made from jam or baby food jars make terrific holiday treats for guests. Keep a small basket of them near the front door to give out. Mini snow globe favours with dioramas made with wreaths and Christmas trees will delight callers.

Make yours as simple or as complex as you like. Experiment with different subjects and themes depending on your area and climate. Cartoon character figures are fun and have instant appeal for kids. Have a special (and waterproof) gift? Why not include it in the scene? A snow globe can also be a surprising and fun way to ‘wrap’ a small treasure for gift-giving.

This festive objet d’art can easily become an annual tradition. Your family will enjoy making them in preparation for the holidays and handing them out.

We wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to meeting you soon. Please contact us if you have any questions.